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Potential Problems in Two Crucial Air Brake Components


Air brakes represent the most commonly implemented braking system on trucks, thanks to their long lifespan and incredible stopping power. They work by absorbing the momentum of a moving vehicle, thus allowing it to come to a stop.

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How to Respond Properly to a Brake Warning Light


Even when you think there is nothing wrong with your brakes, the brake warning lights might come on. When this happens, you should have your truck taken in to a brake technician. Brakes are one of the most important features on your truck, and it can be dangerous to drive when your brakes aren't functioning properly, even if the lights come on only after a minor defect.

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Brake Fluid Maintenance for Commercial Vehicles: What You Need to Know


Your commercial truck runs on a variety of fluids, including windshield wiper fluid, motor oil and brake fluid. It’s obvious when you run out of your windshield wiper fluid, and your motor oil is checked each time you have your oil changed. But how frequently do you check your brake fluid levels? Probably not as often as you should.

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