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Professional Truck and Trailer Services in Odessa, Texas

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Outstanding Services for Your Fleet

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes our vehicles. We Texans love our trucks, and we love giving them the best services that money can buy. That’s why Odessa Spring Brake & Axle, Inc. dedicates itself to providing your commercial trucks and trailers with quality service that counts.
Servicing only large trucks, huge commercial-sized trucks and trailers, our shop knows what your vehicle needs, no matter its size or condition. We’ve been in this profession for about as long as trucks and trailers have existed. In those many decades, we’ve seen just about everything. We know we can help you keep your vehicle in optimal condition.

Huge Accommodations for Huge Trucks

You might be concerned that we’re out of room in our garage and can’t service your vehicle today.
Never fret about that. Our 42,000-square-foot space can accommodate up to 34 trucks and trailers at a time. We’ve got the experienced technicians to resolve any issues with your truck or tailer. 
We know that we can keep you on the road, no matter where you’re trying to go. Come by today and give your truck and trailer the service it deserves.

Axle and Air Brake Services

Our technicians and suppliers carry all major brand parts. No matter what your axles may look like or where your brakes come from, we have their replacements.

Trailer Repair and Service

Hauling the biggest goods requires a greater degree of upkeep and maintenance. We know all too well the strains that trailers undergo, so we can give your trailer the help it needs to keep going.

Truck Equipment and Parts

We serve every kind of heavy-duty truck and trailer. We have the parts on hand to keep your commercial and fleet vehicles running for years to come. We manufacture U-bolts and can make most U-bolts while you wait, in most cases. At Odessa Spring Brake & Axle, our service and commitment to find or manufacture what our customers need keeps them coming back, time after time.

Wheel Alignment and Balance

Larger vehicles can be harder to handle. Don’t let it be more difficult than it needs to be. Our alignment and balance services will keep you stable for every season of the year.

Springs and Suspensions

We carry a large stock of new, re-arched and custom-made springs. Our inventory of springs and suspensions is more than sufficient to assist with your particular situation. We manufacture U-bolts and can make most U-bolts while you wait, in most cases.